This is a current development in which we are proposing to combine two buildings in the St James's conservation area to create an extensive art gallery housing exhibition areas with supporting offices and ancillary facilities.

The proposals also involve the demolition and rebuilding of the top floor mansard, in addition to a new lift core to the rear elevation of the property, which would serve the entire six floors of the extended building height. The properties would also be linked at lower ground level via existing vault spaces.

Integral to the scheme is the intention to create new residential accommodation on the upper floors. The top floor apartment will feature roof terraces offering panoramic views.

Sliding walls were designed to provide flexible gallery space and storage facilities. Circulation is a key consideration when designing for visual art spaces - allowing a tantalising glimpse of what lies beyond or above, acts as a stimulant for the individual observer's sense of discovery.

The scheme has recently been granted full planning permission by Westminster City Council.