Lead House

The original configuration of the main living spaces in this East London Edwardian house was awkward and turned its back on the garden at the rear. It had a typically ugly rear extension and an unconverted loft. We turned the ground floor into a series of modern family-oriented spaces and created a studio space on the second floor by converting the loft and extending it towards the rear of the property.

As part of the newly converted areas, two large picture frame windows capture the daylight at the back giving the interior spaces a generous sense of openness. Strategically placed and orientated to capture the views of the rear garden, these windows are framed with thick lead components, a traditional material we have exploited in a contemporary way. These windows act both as the interface between the construction elements, as well as enhancing the contrast between the new and the old, and in designing them to 'splay' we have maximised the garden views.