Void House

A dilapidated 'Arts and Crafts' style house was stripped back in its entirety allowing RHA the opportunity to explore the structure of modern family living within the confines and limitations imposed by an historical environment.

Immediately upon entering the house, the visitor's eye is drawn upwards, into a light-filled triple height void; a previously dark house is now flooded with an abundance of natural light which enters through the south facing windows and roof light. This was achieved by relocating the position of the staircase; the house now centres around an impressive void offering fabulous views from each spacious landing. A new staircase was also designed. This not only animates the vertical circulation but is also a stunning piece of contemporary 'furniture' in its own right. 

All this has introduced a very modern feel and tremendous sense of light and space into what still remains a traditional 'Arts and Crafts' style house when viewed from without.

(Photos: Tom Scott Photography)